About Us

Welcome to the Human Development Graduate Group (HDGG) at the University of California, Davis.

Human Development

Our unique graduate group system takes a interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to study development across:
The Lifespan: Infancy & Early Childhood, Middle Childhood & Adolescence, Adulthood and Aging 
Multiple Domains: Biological, Cognitive, Social-emotional
Diverse Settings: Family, School, Community, Culture, and Society

The Human Development Graduate Group offers 2 different degrees:
Master’s degree (MS) in Child Development (birth through early adolescence)
Doctorate (PhD) in Human Development (conception to death)

The benefits of the graduate group are that students can take coursework from various departments, work with faculty in other areas on and off campus, and focus on human development issues from a variety of perspectives. Faculty members, with whom our students work include (but are not limited to): Departments of Human and Community Development, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Nutrition, the School of Education, the Center for Mind and Brain (CMB), the UCD Medical Center (UCDMC), and the Medical Investigation of Neurological Disorders Institute (MIND).

Group bylaws (last revised November 2013)

2013-2014 HDGG highlights 

Slideshow of HDGG and Developmental Psychology faculty research shown at 2015 SRCD meeting:

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Program Chair
Amanda Guyer
hdgg-chair@ucdavis.edu Phone: 530-297-4445

Graduate Program Coordinator
Kimberly Berardi
hdgg-coordinator@ucdavis.edu Phone: (530) 754-4109